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Tusk has been at the forefront of producing leading edge publications and reports for government and industry which are helping to shape the future of infrastructure in the region, and globally.


We have created strategies and policies for major infrastructure programs and projects for our partners and shared this knowledge and experience with the public and the industry, to help them utilise these strategies and policies to fast-track their investments, and maximise their returns.


Tusk have been making valued contributions through published white papers, opinion pieces, journal articles and participation across key industry sectors, in industry think-tanks and academic institutions.


View and Download a recent selection below:

Renewable Energy for Village Electrification in Indonesia
“Working Together to Provide Electricity for All”, 2016 

Executive Summary (in English)  Download File


The Program Indonesia Terang executive summary outlines comprehensive policy recommendations to provide electricity to last-mile utilizing local renewable energy resources communities which promotes more equitable growth in Indonesia to achieve one of President Joko Widodo’s Nawacita pillars. Deriving lessons from both overseas and Indonesia’s past experiences, the policy framework presented here elaborates sustainable ways to implement electricity provision in off-grid context, including utilization of renewable and local energy potentials, community involvement and development, private sector participation as well as the required government fiscal and non-fiscal supports. The executive summary also identifies and formulates the needs for a strong institutional and regulatory framework to accommodate the proposed policies.


Cover copy

GlobeAsia Special Report
“Build infrastructure, build the nation”, 2016 

Full Report (in English)  Download File

Globe Asia - Jan 2016

Energy Sector White Paper, 2015  

Executive Summary (in English and Bahasa Indonesia) 
Download File

Full Report (in English) Download File


This White Paper identifies key opportunities for growth and current constraints in energy sector, and outlines priority interventions to be accomplished during the RPJMN 2015-2019. It also outlines broad investment needs in the sector and proposes a series of key performance indicators against which progress may be monitored.


Investor Guideline on Forest Status Alteration (Forest Area to Area for Other Uses), 2015

Full Report (in English)  Download File | Full Report (in Bahasa Indonesia) Download File


This investor guideline is developed as a reference for relevant stakeholders to accelerate the process of obtaining approval for forest status alteration, by providing comprehensive information to investors regarding the procedure of forest status alteration, case studies for partial and provincial forest alteration, as well as the key lessons learned. By applying the lessons learned documented in this investor guideline, the investors can expect to apply an effective acceleration mechanism thus minimize costly missteps in the preparation stage of investment implementation.


Investor Guideline on Dispute Settlement Mechanism in Forest Area, 2015

Full Report (in English) Download File | Full Report (in Bahasa Indonesia) Download File


This investor guideline is developed as a reference for relevant stakeholders to accelerate the process of obtaining the Borrow-to-Use Forestry Permit, a mandatory permit for any activity that needs to utilize the protected or production forest. This investor guideline aims to provide dispute settlement mechanisms (both traditional dispute mechanism and Alternative Dispute Resolutions (ADR)) and other practical tools to resolve disputes that often happen when there are overlaps of land rights between companies, between companies and community, and companies with State-owned/ Regional-owned enterprises.

Investor Guideline_Dispute Settlement Mechanism in Forest Area-01

Trans Sumatra Highway as The Economic Backbone of Sumatra (part of the “Innovations in Accelerating Infrastructure Competitiveness and Sustainability” publication by the Research and Development Agency, Ministry of Public Works), 2014

Full Report on “Trans Sumatra Highway as the Economic Backbone of Sumatra” (in English) Download File

Full Report on “Innovations in Accelerating Infrastructure Competitiveness and Sustainability” (in English) Download File


The paper discusses on the ability of governments to attract the private sector to invest in infrastructure projects is diminishing due to the lack of bankable projects. However, these sub-financial projects are highly important for economic growth. Governments need to lead in providing the required funding for the provision of infrastructure, especially for those with high economic benefit to the national economy.

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