Suhandy Winata
The Team_Suhandya

B.Eng in Chemical Engineering, The University of Melbourne

B.Comm in Finance, The University of Melbourne




Suhandy Winata is an Engagement Manager of Tusk. His expertise focuses on project management and implementation, business strategy formulation, and stakeholder management.

Suhandy was recently assisted a Regional Government-Owned Enterprise (ROE) in railway sector to formulate the business plan and strategy for its Non-Farebox Business and Property. The assistance was given end-to-end starting from conducting station profiling, clustering and prioritization, defining business mix for each station, formulating high-level revenue and financial models, and up to recommending the operating model and partner selection criteria for the business implementation.

He was also heavily involved in the formulation of the development strategy and the operation plan of a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Sumatera for an Indonesian State-Owned Enterprise (SOE). The work also involved recommending the formation of Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) to develop the SEZ and facilitating intensive communication and discussion among the key relevant stakeholders as part of the stakeholder management initiatives.

Suhandy’s other works include working with relevant stakeholders such as government institutions, SOEs in construction and toll road sectors and government-contracted consultants to work on the strategy to form an SOE Holding Company in Construction and Toll Road; and assisting a major corporate restructuring of an Indonesian SOE from a purely construction company to become a toll road developer and operator.