The Team

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Tusk is immensely proud of our company’s dynamic people and culture. We have consistently attracted the most skilled and forward-thinking infrastructure talent in the region. Our people are at the top-of-their-game in infrastructure strategy development, economic advisory, PPP transaction management, and leadership of Program Management Offices and execution of investment strategies.


Reflective of Indonesia’s motto “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika – Unity in diversity”, Tusk’s people, fondly known as Tuskans come from varied backgrounds, disciplines and nationalities. The Tuskans collaborate to combine their impressive skill-sets to create out-of-the-box solutions and bring innovative ideas to life. This diverse and dynamic culture ensures we are continually challenging conventional thinking, leveraging learnings, consistently improving, and creating implementable infrastructure solutions for our clients.


We consistently invest in our people through our various professional and personal development initiatives. We frequently enroll our people in management and sector specific executive programs at leading global universities. We sponsor and resource key conferences and forums related to infrastructure to foster the continual learning of our people and we encourage sharing of knowledge and expertise by Tuskans at these international and local events.

Raj Kannan

Raj Kannan is the founder and managing director of Tusk. He has over 25 years hands-on experience in developing and advising on US$15 billion worth of transactions in infrastructure and development projects in the Asia Pacific region. He is a chartered engineer and a specialist in Public Private Partnership transactions and infrastructure M&As[...]

From left to right:
Dr. Nicholas Morris, Irene Tsjin, Tirza Reinata, Shuhaela Zen, Raj Kannan, Tremain Tanner, Radju Munusamy

Shuhaela (Ela) Zen is a Director of Tusk. Ela is a well-respected young leader in Indonesia and she has a solid track record in leading […]

Tirza 217x300

Tirza Reinata is a Director of Tusk. Tirza is a well-rounded and effective leader in policy advisory and strategic program management, and a master problem […]

The Team_Adelina_Director

Adelina Halim is a Director of Tusk. Adelina coordinated the development and publication of Indonesia’s Energy Sector White Paper for BAPPENAS and the Asian Development Bank, […]


Dr. Nicholas Morris is a Director of Tusk.  He is an Oxford trained economist and has over 30 years experience in advising governments and corporations […]


Paul Davies is a Director of Tusk. He is a seasoned finance executive with twenty years experience and a key involvement in over $20 billion […]


Radju Munusamy is a Senior Mentor of Tusk. He was previously one of the pioneering directors of Tusk and recently relinquished this role to assume the […]

The Team_Amanda_Associate Director

Amanda Djojonegoro is an Associate Director of Tusk. Amanda has extensive experience in project management, stakeholder engagement with public, SOE, and private sectors, policy making, and […]

Dr. Alo Ghosh is the Managing Director of Tusk Capital Partners, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tusk and he is[...]
Dimitri Pantazaras is a Director of Tusk Capital Partners and a Senior Advisor of Tusk. He has over 30 years[...]
Ngakan Putu “Dodi” Miharjana is a Senior Advisor of Tusk. He has over 20 years of experience in providing major[...]
Ivo Van De Griend is a Senior Advisor of Tusk. Ivo started his professional career with GE in the Netherlands and[...]
Tremain Tanner is a Senior Advisor of Tusk. He has more than 25 years’ experience in clean infrastructure planning with[...]
Elizabeth Judson is a Senior Advisor at Tusk. She is an international energy leader with 20+ years of progressive Technical[...]
The Team_Metria
Metri Annisa Arrum is a Senior Engagement Manager of Tusk. She has expertise in program management, policy development, and infrastructure[...]
The Team_Clarina
Clarina Andreny is an Engagement Manager of Tusk. Clarina has extensive experience in project management, project appraisal, stakeholders engagement, policy making[...]
The Team_Nanda
Nanda is an Engagement Manager of Tusk. He is experienced in infrastructure project management. He is supporting the Committee for Acceleration of[...]
The Team_Astrid
Astrid Handari is an Engagement Manager of Tusk. Astrid is experienced in project management, stakeholders engagement, business strategy and market entry[...]